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Suppliers and Discounts

Options for Buying Equipment

The club appreciates that the kit required for fencing is a significant outlay. We do what we can to help with this. We do this in three ways:

  • By offering a 2nd hand service – we purchase used kit and sell it onto other club members. We make no profit on this. We’d rather our members have good kit, than filling our coffers. Please see the 2nd Hand Kit page for details of what’s currently available.

  • We have negotiated substantial discounts with several of the major suppliers. Some clubs only pass on part of the discount to their members and keep the rest. We take nothing at all. See below for more details of these discounts.

  • The Club Armourer can help and advise on what kit to buy and where from.

Where to Buy Kit – And Where Not To!

There are many suppliers of fencing kit around these days and finding and ordering is easy with the Internet. Some are considerably better than others. Here’s our short buyer’s guide. Other supplier are out there. These are the ones that we have experience with.

If in doubt, speak to the Club Armourer.

PBT is a Hungarian supplier of some repute. Their UK distributor – PBT UK – is a man called Ian Briggs. Ian has a website and a shop in Aldershot.
Note that he is only allowed to sell PBT kit from his website, so he stocks lots of other kit (such as the amazing Favero scoring systems) which he cannot display.

Northampton Fencing Club have been dealing with Ian since 2005 and his kit is reasonably priced and good quality. His service is second-to-none.

PBT UK offer NFC members 10% discount on all goods ordered through their website.

You can find the active discount code on the My Profile page once you’re logged in.

Leon Paul are the biggest of the “big three’ UK suppliers. They are UK-based, well established and have a well stocked shop attached to their purpose-built fencing centre near Hendon, North London. 

Their kit is good quality and reasonably priced.

Be aware that if you drive down to the Leon Paul shop it is inside the ULEZ charging zone.

Leon Paul used to offer members 10% discount on purchases made online via the Club Account. However, they declined to provide an online discount code for members to use.

If you intend to visit the shop, let the Club Armourer know and he will try to arrange for you to receive the club discount.

Allstar are a German-based company, whose UK distributors are based in Slough. They also have a shop there.

Their equipment is of very high quality, but this is often reflected in the price. The cost aspect means that the Club has had limited dealings with them in recent years.

We used to have a 15% discount with them, but this is no longer the case.

Excalibur Sports are a UK-based company, based in Herefordshire & Worcestershire. They have shops in Hereford and Oldham.

Excalibur is a relatively new (2017) company, started by two British fencers to provide affordable, low cost equipment to competition and recreational fencers. Their stated aim is to see every single fencer own their own set of fencing kit.

Excalibur offer NFC members 10% discount on all Excalibur branded kit. The discount doesn’t apply to other brands that they sell (such as FWF or Favero), but they may be able to do something if you contact Excalibur.

You can find the active discount code on the My Profile page once you’re logged in.

Sword Price Fighters are a UK-based company who sell imported kit (mostly from China). When they first started they had a poor reputation, but they have now turned this around.

Their kit is low cost, and as you’d expect, not as high quality as some of the more established brands. But as some of our fencers have recently found, the quality of their clothing is surprisingly good especially for the price point. This makes them ideal for children and novice fencers.

They also sell fencing clothing in bigger sizes than most of the other suppliers.

There is a lot of fencing kit for sale on EBay.

Beware – there are unscrupulous and/or ignorant people out there who are selling equipment that does not meet safety standards. Several of our members have purchased kit from EBay only to be told that it doesn’t meet the safety regulations and is therefore unusable. 

In addition, if you buy blades from EBay, you may find when they arrive that they are soft and in imminent danger of breaking. Such blades are dangerous and cannot be used at the club.

Our general recommendation is to not buy equipment from EBay, unless you know exactly what you are buying. You can speak to the Club Armourer before you purchase if you want to check that the kit looks suitable.

Chinese Suppliers

In recent years, a myriad of very cheap, Chinese-based suppliers have appeared on the market, selling via the web. Whilst the prices are extremely low, their quality is not the highest. Be aware – you often get what you pay for.