Fencing Club

Safeguarding & Protecting Children

All of the Club’s activities involving young people shall be in accordance with the guidelines from British Fencing.

It is a requirement of the Club that all children under 16 years of age be accompanied by a parent or guardian to all Club activities (Club Constitution clause 7.1a). Moreover, any child aged nine or ten years who is granted discretionary membership must have a parent or guardian who is an active member of the club.

No member should swear or be abusive in the presence of children.

No member should be alone with a child at any time.

All volunteer coaches must comply with British Fencing’s requirements for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks clearance prior to coaching any child.

If any member suspects there is a problem with any child, they should not try to deal with the problem but immediately refer to the club Welfare Officer, a club coach or the child’s parent/guardian. Any member who bullies a child is liable to expulsion from the club, under the Club’s disciplinary process (Club Constitution clause 8.4).


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

As the responsibility of the committee entails duty of care for its members as well as financial liability for its effective administration, the Club Committee reserves the right to request all new Officers request clearance from the DBS within two weeks of their election.

The certification provided by the DBS must then be presented to the Club Secretary (or the Club President if it is the Club Secretary who is seeking clearance) for confirmation that they can meet their duties as a member of the Club Committee (with specific reference to the requirements for Officers in the Club Constitution, clause 18).

Should the assurance not be sought, or should the certification of the DBS demonstrate that the person is not suitable for office in line with the Club Constitution, clause 18, the election of that officer shall be declared invalid and a Special General Meeting be called to elect a replacement.