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Membership options

Joining/Rejoining Northampton Fencing Club

The membership year runs from February 1st to January 31st each year. Membership is collected after the AGM in January where the fees for the year are set. Fees for people joining mid-term are calculated on a pro-rata basis (except for the Occasional membership option).

Membership 2024

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Required to book a place on one of our Beginner’s courses

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For people who can’t attend regularly. Allows 10 club visits per year


Attend the club & enter NFC competitions


Attend the club & enter NFC competitions


Attend the club & enter NFC competitions


*Annual concession memberships are valid for people who are either:

– aged 65 years old or over at the start of the Membership period (February 1st);
– in full-time education at the start of the Membership period (February 1st);
– receiving Job-Seeker’s allowance at the start of the Membership period (February 1st) (evidence required).

Joining mid-year? Pick your annual membership option above then select the ‘Part Year’ payment type. 

Want to spread the cost? Pick your annual membership option above then select the ‘Spread The Cost…’ payment type. 

Trial Period

It is club policy that fencers visiting the club have two free weeks in order to see if the club suits them. After two weeks, if they wish to continue, they must join the club and pay the relevant membership fees. Alternatively, they may continue to attend, but must pay the visitor’s fee (currently £10) for each session.

British Fencing Membership

Important Note: It is a requirement that all club members (including people attending the beginner’s course) must also be members of British Fencing.

Please see the British Fencing Membership page for details on how to join.

British Fencing Awards Scheme

We offer the British Fencing Weapon Specific awards scheme to anyone who wishes to participate. See the BF Achievement Awards Scheme page for more details.

The charge for grading examinations, including a badge and certificate is £5 payable directly to the examining coach.

Fencing after Forty

Any fencer over the age of 40 can join British Veterans Fencing. There is no upper limit, and there are some 300 veteren fencers in the UK. some veterans have continued to fence since their school days. Others have resumed fencing after a break – often of over 20 years – and others have taken up fencing later in life.

Northampton Fencing Club has several veteran fencers. Some fence for fun and others enter the many veterans only competitions. The Club boasts fencers who have won medals at County, Commonwealth, European and World Championships.

Fencing has many health and fitness benefits for all ages. It increases endurance, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. It also satisfies the competitive instincts.

Why not come along one Thursday evening and see for yourself. We meet at the Pitsford Road Site (gate 4) of Moulton College from 8.00pm. Our beginners classes start at 7.00pm. For more information contact our secretary. also have a look at

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