County Championships 2018

An annual competition in all weapons, men and women, juniors and adults, to decide the title of Northamptonshire County Champion.


Men's Epee

Gold Medal: Paul Willmott
Silver Medal: Adrian Webb
Bronze Medal: George Partridge Jean-luc Janet

Women's Epee

Gold Medal: Millie Brodie
Silver Medal: Abby Willmott
Bronze Medal: Catriona Moore Fay Whybrow

Men's Foil

Gold Medal: Richard Morris
Silver Medal: Kieran Patrick
Bronze Medal: Michal Nerc Stephen Conroy

Women's Foil

Gold Medal: Lauren Brigden
Silver Medal: Abby Willmott
Bronze Medal: Gina Hall Lisa Drage

Men's Sabre

Gold Medal: Ben Warwick
Silver Medal: Jake Kirkham
Bronze Medal: Robert May Ben Adlem

Women's Sabre

Gold Medal: Abby Willmott
Silver Medal: Grainne May


Master Of Arms: Paul Willmott
Mistress Of Arms: Abby Willmott